Nuclear Globe causes explosions of laughter


nuclear-globeThere is nothing quite like a boisterous family reunion, don’t you think so? After all, when siblings get together and start to share their lives, those conversations can end up late into the night. Well, when the adults start to talk, then the children would need an outlet to release all of their pent up stress – or energy, more like it. If you do happen to drop by a home with a swimming pool, then the $399.99 Nuclear Globe might be the ideal purchase this summer.

The Nuclear Globe comes in a special cup-like construction on the outer surface that is capable of gripping and paddling through the water as you spin the globe. It will feature PVC construction that sports patented Speed Safety Valves for fast and easy inflation, while boasting of two entry/exit portholes. The molded handles that are located on the interior and exterior will pave the way for easy entries and exits. When one ties the “ultimate inflatable ball” to pool ladders, docks, or boats, it is a snap to integrated with the molded rope holder. It can only be used by 1 person at a time.

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