Fancy playing Doom in public on an ATM machine?

The next time you step up to an ATM machine to make a withdrawal, you might want to take a moment to pause and think about the potential that this money spitting machine is capable of. Sure, it would be great to make a withdrawal of $50 to have the machine malfunction and spit out $50,000 in the process because of a screw up somewhere. However, chances are you are better off buying the lottery to gain a windfall, so what else can an ATM machine do? YouTube user [Aussie50] has managed to hack into an ATM machine by installing Doom on it, and apart from that, it looks as though the ATM’s very own buttons are used to control your Space Marine as he goes about blasting the denizens of hell back to where they belong.

Considering how majority of today’s ATMs do run on some kind of Windows version, it should not be too much of a hassle to get an extremely well loved and classic game like Doom to run on a version of Windows. If you were to notice right at the beginning of the video, you are able to check out what looks to be a default Windows XP background screen, which is something that just about every one of us are able to identify. In the later part of the video, [Aussie50] drops to what resembles that of an MS-DOS command line, which is something that old school computer users will be able to identify with, and with great glee, I might add. Chances are the ATM machine that [Aussie50] uses runs on Windows XP, although he might have had to go through the steps of installing MS-DOS emulation software like DOSBOX before that.

[Aussie50] also managed to get the receipt printer working, and who knows, each time you complete a level, the printer would issue a “certificate” of sorts so that no one can accuse of you fibbing about it.

We do wonder, however, whether the Russian ATMs that run on illegal versions of Windows will be able to jump aboard the Doom bandwagon.


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  1. Most ATMs, even recent ones, use a version of OS2 Warp (yeah, it’s really that old) or a custom version of XP. I used to work for an ATM installer and I watched the techs program the Diebold and NCR machines all the time. I could see Doom running on XP but OS2 Warp is just to weird of an OS. So it’s probably not running on that one. It still amazes me that ATM’s run on some of the most outdated software. BTW, the command line that you see is likely the programming interface used to flash most ATMs and has little to do with the OS the GUI runs on.

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