Zepp Labs intends to help softball players improve with new sensor


zeppZepp Labs alongside Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) have come together to settle on an agreement that will see a multi-year partnership formed, as Zepp is now the designated Official and Exclusive Swing Analysis and Technology Platform of PGF. Using Zepp’s advanced 3D technology, it will be able to assist softball players regardless of their age and skill levels, as part of an effort to improve their game. The sensor is extremely small, and is a snap to attach right at the end of a bat.

This particular sensor will be able to capture more than 1,000 points of data per swing, resulting in a perfect 3D rendering when used in tandem with a smartphone or tablet. Apart from that, parents and coaches alongside their players too will be able to check out instant and actionable feedback and data, and these data will include the likes of bat speed, hand speed, time to impact, and attack angle among others.

It does look as though fastpitch softball is not going to be the same again with the help of sensors from Zepp Labs, and we could see new records being broken as the analysis helps coaches to go through the different ways that their understudies will be able to react the next time they step up to the plate. It will go a long way in helping girls maximize their playing potential, which in turn will be able to fuel additional confidence to the softball players as they get better and more proficient at the game.

In the future, it is said that PGF camps and clinics will also make use of the Zepp 3D sensor in order to capture, measure and analyze player swings at a Zepp hitting station. This would clearly place the Zepp sensor in a unique position, having it establish a new standard of swing evaluation metrics. The Zepp 3D sensor is definitely a worthy addition to any other sports-related accessories like this Play By Play Announcing Scoreboard.

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