Cordless Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller ushers Mickey out of the picture


rodent-repellerRodents can be quite a nuisance regardless of where it resides, not to mention them being disease carriers. However, getting rid of them can be extremely challenging, as they have more or less honed the skills of survival over so many years in existence. Mouse traps are not exactly the best way to get rid of them, too, except for the dumber ones out there which results in the rest of the pack ending up smarter. The $34.95 Cordless Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller might prove to be an option that is worth checking out though.

This cordless device can be placed just about anywhere whether at home or in a garage in order to deter rodents using an ultrasonic frequency that remains inaudible to humans. Since it does not make use of toxic poisons or treacherous traps, this particularly compact repeller will be able to drive away both mice and rats as it emits 88-decibel tones that are harsh and unwelcoming to rodents. Being different from other similar devices that emit only a single frequency that rodents can adjust to eventually, the Cordless Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller will vary its wail between 25 kHz and 32 kHz, making sure that critters will not be able to adapt to the sound. Other specifications include a LED power indicator, an audible test button, and hardware for wall mounting, all powered by a trio of AA batteries.

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