Boogio will tell you more about your feet than you’ve ever wanted to know


The rise of activity trackers has brought on an age of learning about our bodies in a whole new way. We have concrete numbers to help us to know more about ourselves, and what we need to improve our lives. This can be useful for pinpointing medical problems, keeping trim, and a variety of other scenarios.

However, that’s only the very beginning in information about ourselves we can acquire. If you’re really into the nitty-gritty information, then you might be interested in Boogio. This is “a foot-based, multi-sensor pair of technology devices in an open wearable platform”. Essentially, sensors that go into your shoe, and can tell you detailed information on a variety of different movements such as kicking, jumping, squats, steps, and more. While this can be a standalone, it will also play nicely with smartphones, PCs, gaming systems and more.

What you will be getting from this is raw data. You can easily say this is perfect for one thing or another, but you never know who’s going to want this kind of device and to what purpose. This isn’t waterproof, so do be wary of when and how you use this if you’re interested in dropping $189 on a pair of these. You can’t buy just one as your gravitational center and core balance can’t be accurately analyzed otherwise. The developer kit will get you two Beta boards, shoe sensor inserts, and two USB charging cables.

Available for pre-order on Boogio