The Grovemade Wood Watch gives you the essence of time


Grovemade Wood Watch

While most of us rely on our phones to tell us the time, there are a few that still enjoy wearing a wristwatch. In today’s world, there aren’t as many people spending a good deal on one timepiece, as an expensive one doesn’t play well with water or rough-and-tumble activities. If your lifestyle gives you the ability to not only wear a nice watch, but also afford a high quality option, then the only thing you’d need to do is pick which one you want.

Grovemade has been known to make wooden Apple accessories, and decided to try their hand at making watches. The Grovemade wood watch consists of a vegetable-tanned leather strap, and a high quality stainless steel casing with either a Oregon Claro Walnut or Eastern Hardrock Maple watch face. While the internal mechanism was made overseas, the rest was machined or finished by hand in the U.S.. That likely explains the $239 price tag.

The time is displayed in twelve circular windows. The red full circle will indicate your hours, and the white half-circle will show the minutes. Seeing that this is more of the essence of what time it is rather than the exact minute, you’ll still probably be pulling out your phone every now and again to get the particulars. Again, this is an aesthetic thing, and you’re going to have to have a fair amount of disposable income and a cushy job that doesn’t require you to use your hands much to justify this purchase.

Available for pre-order on grovemade, found via damngeeky


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