Effortless Vehicle Escape Tool comes in handy during emergencies


vehicle-escape-toolI am quite sure that many of us have come across scenes in movies and books where a person or a group of people watch in horror at a fast sinking vehicle that has passengers still trapped within. Unless Superman is around, folks inside are more or less doomed with the door lock not working, and they bang helplessly against the window with their fists while sinking into the deep abyss. If only there was a hammer around to give them a chance to break said window and swim up for some air. While having a hammer in a vehicle is not something most folks would think of, it pays to be prepared, and hence the $24.95 Effortless Vehicle Escape Tool might just come in handy one day.

The Effortless Vehicle Escape Tool is an emergency tool that paves the way for a quick escape from a vehicle, where all that one needs to do is to press it against a side window. It is different from other emergency tools that require a significant amount of force, as this tool’s ceramic pin is capable of shattering the window with minimal effort, making it ideal for use by the elderly or children. The pin itself reloads instantly after each attempt, allowing users to repeat the action as many times as required. It features an integrated razor in the tool’s handle that can cut through a seatbelt strap in one smooth motion, while a mounting bracket ensures the escape tool remains within reach at all times on a console or inside a car door.

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