ECOXGEAR announces Ecostone rugged Bluetooth speaker


ecoxgear-ecostoneWe are no stranger to products from ECOXGEAR, as we have seen the likes of the Ecorox Bluetooth speaker in the past that offers unprecedented durability, although this time around, it seems that the ante has been increased. ECOXGEAR intends to maintain their leadership in the rugged and waterproof products market by rolling out the Ecostone, a new Bluetooth speaker that is more than capable of meeting the demands of outdoor enthusiasts head on, delivering big sound without worrying a wee bit about getting damaged while it is being used.

The Ecostone was specially designed to be the world’s most rugged and reliable portable Bluetooth speaker, where it will be able to keep you company across your gamut of outdoor adventures without missing a beat. Not only that, just to make sure that the Ecostone has what it takes to follow you on your adrenaline pumping adventures outdoors, the Ecostone boasts of having passed both the IP68 international waterproofing standards and military grade testing MIL810G. Those standards translate to this device being able to handle being 100% submerged in water, all the way to a sandstorm in a desert with temperatures up to 140°F. With its rubberized shockproof casing and rear mounted subwoofer, you will be able to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go without worrying about the fragility of the speaker.

Fret not should you knock the Ecostone into the pool or overboard the boat by accident, as it boasts of an intelligent design that enables it to float right back up, while there is also a convenient handle that lets one carry the speaker by one’s side with ease while camping, surfing, hiking or simply lounging by the beach. Not only that, it boasts of a USB battery charger for emergencies, and works great as a torch as well thanks to an integrated LED flashlight.

Those who are interested in the Ecostone can pick it up for $149 a pop as it comes in Black, Blue, Orange and “Real Tree” shades.

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