Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone adds some fun this summer

parrot-spiderIf you think that you are at your wits’ end as to what one can purchase for a grandson who has it all, perhaps you have not quite reached the end of the rope just yet. After all, surely even the richest kid on earth (Richie Rich come to mind?) does not have all the toys released, as he might have missed out one or two out there. Enter the $99.99 Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone, which will definitely add a sparkle to your summer holidays as this app-controlled toy goes about flying, flipping, climbing walls, and rolling itself across ceilings.

I suppose with the amount of acrobatics that it can perform, this is where it got its name from. Spiders do hang about from rather crazy places, don’t they? The Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone is able to fly smoothly in all directions thanks to its sophisticated stabilizing autopilot system, and courtesy of the free app that runs on a smartphone or tablet, it is a snap to pilot. Touch controls, after all, should be second nature to the touchscreen generation at the moment. With its removable wheels, the drone is able to roll up and down walls and across the ceiling, while snapping photos of unsuspecting victims (who are most probably engrossed in a book while wearing a pair of headphones) thanks to its embedded vertical camera. This is definitely one of the cooler drones out there that is easy on your bank account, too. A full hour’s charge gives the Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone 8 minutes’ of adventure.