The Fuut hammock will keep your feet elevated while you work


Foot Hammock

Sitting at a desk all day is not exactly fun. Our bodies weren’t meant to be so angular for hours upon hours. We view kicking our feet up as part of relaxing, but who says you can’t put up your feet and be just as productive?

The Foot Hammock is literally a tiny hammock that you affix to either side of your desk so you can elevate your feet. It’s made out of cotton, steel, polyethylene, and Hinoki cypress. You can put it at different heights under your desk so you can sit upright or further back. This is perfect for those who make have some circulation issues, or just can’t stand sitting in one position all day. This is available in yellow, orange, navy, olive green, pink, and white.

While it is easy to put together, you’ll likely want to disassemble it to wash the cotton cloth every now and again. If you’re going to be putting your feet on it day after day, then everyone around your desk is going to want you to clean it at least once a week so it doesn’t start to develop its own aroma. This is a $30 purchase that will take a little bit of set up. Make sure that you don’t try and put too much pressure on the hammock, and be careful of taking your feet off as you don’t want to hurt yourself from trying to stand up.

Available for purchase on connectdesign, found via incrediblethings


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