The Koolernaut will tell you the perfect temperature for your beer


If you are a fan of beer, then you know of the variety available to you. Some are cheap and gross unless they’re ice cold, and others can be a higher temperature and still hold their own. If you’ve gotten to a point where you want to be a bit more specific, then you might like to know the exact temperature to keep your beer at for optimal enjoyment.

If you don’t want to constantly stick a thermometer in every few minutes, then you might like the idea of the Koolernaut. This is a beer Koozie that will tell you the temperature of your beer on a digital readout. There is also a chart on the side that tells you what the best temperature range for different types of beer are. If you have a drink that is close to the right temperature, but needs to come down a few degrees, then you can get their Ice Puck, which is essentially the same as a freeze pack you would put in a lunch box, but will fit under your can in the Koozie.

The ice puck will take a few minutes to chill your drink, but it can bring it down 8 or more degrees. Getting the Koolernaut and 2 ice pucks will cost you around $25. You can pay $20 and get one less puck, but if you think you’re going to down your beverages quickly, chances are you’ll want a second puck as a backup for the next round. For those who drink beer primarily from a can, this is a swell idea that could be very useful if you remember to put the ice pucks in the freezer. The battery for the display is non-replaceable, but will last for 4,000 hours and only turns on when a drink is inserted.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter