The Eco Drain will let you take longer, hotter showers and save money


Eco Drain

Whether or not we mean to, we do a lot of little things that make our electric bills more than they need to be. There has been a rise in Eco-products that will save us a lot all at once, or in tiny increments over a long period of time. Sometimes they’re a grand idea that help us and the environment, but other times it’s nothing but a waste.

The Eco Drain is a good idea that has potential to pay off, so long as you can look at the big picture. This is a heat-exchanger that will take hot water from your shower, and use it to heat incoming water. It is said to save anywhere from $100-200 annually on your electric bill. This means you can take longer, hotter showers without as much fuss about the bills, but it will be tiny savings.

Of course, you will want to keep in mind that you’ll need to get this installed or have a decent amount of capabilities to do it yourself. It works by running the water main from the city in a pipe through outgoing waste water that is hot. The two won’t touch, and it is a brilliant idea, but make sure you know what you’re doing before trying to put this in yourself, as you could spend far more than you have the potential to save. This is something you’ll have to see as a long-term, as it costs $440.

Available for purchase on ecodrain, found via redferret

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