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Have you ever come home from a night on the town, and as you undressed, you realized that your clothes were probably still clean enough to wear again, but they no longer smelled fresh? Reluctantly you took them to the dry cleaners in order to be freshened up, and pressed, and then tried to justify the expense? I’ve done everything I can to avoid that situation, from steering clear of dry-cleanables, to tossing them lightly in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet, but nothing gave me the answer I was looking for.

Until now, check out the Swash, this brand new in-home system will finally get your clothes looking and feeling fresh, without an expensive trip to the dry cleaner! Swash combines an iron with a steamer, and will actually allow you to freshen, dewrinkle, and preserve the life of your clothing in just 10 minutes. The Swash system is a convenient, hands-free, clothing care system that needs no special wiring or installation, just plug it in, and it goes to work. Whether its a sweater thats retained the smell of last nights campfire, or a blouse thats lost its ready-for-work crispness, the Swash has got you covered.

Every time you wash, or dry-clean your clothes, it takes a little life out of them, but is there anyone among us who actually enjoys wearing their jeans a second time? Well, the Swash can even whip your good old blue jeans back into shape, giving you that out of the dryer shape, and tightness you love. (with no shrinking) It’s easy too! Simply hang it up, load the Swash, and press start, the Swash gets your clothes looking (and smelling) their best in just 10 minutes!

So if you are constantly washing and dry-cleaning clothes for work, or you would simply like the convenience, and luxury of having fresh, wrinkle free garments in just 10 minutes, the Swash might be for you. At under 500 bucks, its likely to pay for itself in no time. Available now from, and from many other national retailers this Fall. But your spaghetti stained shirt from last Friday night?… that still has to go to the cleaner. Visit the company’s website, for more product information.

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