The Only Handheld Food Smoker provides more options in the kitchen


handheld-smokerThey say that variety is the spice of life. The thing is, in life, too many options or choices could end up paralyzing you when it comes to making a decision simply because one is unable to choose the best out of the lot. Good thing then Hammacher knows how to name some of their products, as with the $99.95 “The Only” Handheld Food Smoker. This is a Handheld Food Smoker that will be able to infuse food with earthy, smoky flavor in a matter of two short minutes, now how about that?

This feat is made possible thanks to the device’s aluminum chamber that holds smoldering wood shavings and its fan will send smoke through the 18″-long hose into a plastic bag or jar, allowing it to infuse baby back ribs or brisket with a savory, wood-fired flavor. In the restaurant industry this particular technique is called cold smoking, where it will add instant smokiness to cheese, a tomato salsa, or fish without cooking or altering the integrity of the food or drink. It will be different from traditional smoking methods which require hours of cooking, since this device can be used tableside right before you serve a meal to your distinguished guests. Other kitchen experiments can also involve smoking food with whole leaf tea (and not those used teabags that the Tea Button has saved), dried herbs, or ground spices.

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