FirstUnion reveals range of disposable e-cigarettes

firstunionThose of us who are trying to quit the habit of smoking might have tried a fair number of ways in the past without any sign of success, but perhaps it might be worth exploring the e-cigarette method. After all, they not only look but feel and taste like conventional cigarettes, and FirstUnion have come up with a new range of disposable e-cigarettes that is capable of yielding immense vapour, a fresher taste and has a far more safer battery within at a more economical price. Not only that, there is a market for a disposable e-cigarette which does not expire, which is why FirstUnion has released a historic landmark innovative product that does not break the bank – while delivering thick vapour and a shelf-life that lasts more than two years.

This is made possible thanks to the use of new battery materials as well as an internal structure that is different from traditional electronic cigarettes, allowing it to release ultra-thick vapour even under the conditions of low voltage and self-discharge. This would make it the world’s first long-lasting disposable e-cigarette without looking any different from that of a conventional cigarette. Still, this is different from the Supersmoker Bluetooth e-cigarette since it does not answer your incoming calls.

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