Finally Energy Efficient Lightbulbs – a Bright Idea!



When you check the store shelves you can tell that your plain old everyday incandescent lightbulbs are getting pushed aside by quite a few more energy efficient options. Yup, your “normal” bulbs have taken on odd shapes, and worse, LED’s and CFL’s don’t give your home that welcoming warm glow of days gone by. Yes, there’s an energy savings, but at what price?

I’d like to introduce you to Finally, a company devoted to developing new lighting technology for your home, specifically a lightbulb that would deliver the same warm omnidirectional glow of your traditional incandescent lightbulbs, without the same energy waste, with a long lifespan, and at an affordable price.

Finally Lightbulbs utilize induction, a lighting system that was developed at around the same time incandescent technology was born. Induction systems are still used today, but are most often found in commercial applications, like warehouses, and garages because of the space requirements, induction was quite impractical for home use.

So, the folks over at Finally compressed the induction system, and utilizing copper wires rather than “old fashioned” filaments, they managed to get a bulb with the best attributes of the induction process and created something they call Acandescence™,  a brand new lighting technology that produces the same warm light as an incandescent, but with energy efficiency, and affordability.

The Finally 60 Watt Replacement Bulb is available now for pre-order, at right around 10 bucks, with the 75 and 100 watt Finally bulbs available soon. Get yours from Expect shipping late summer 2014.

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Martin K. Says: July 16, 2014 at 1:45 pm

After a quick search I found a CFL bulb with the same light appearance, lower energy usage, higher lumens, and cheaper than this bulb. Unfortunately this technology uses mercury as well so there’s no disposal advantage and there already exist “instant on” CFL bulbs. I definitely hope they refine this technology as I’m sure there will be clearer differences in the future, but for now I don’t see any clear benefits to these bulbs.

Michelle Wilber Says: July 17, 2014 at 5:00 pm

Great to have another option, though I do really like my LED bulbs – many brands have great, warm, omnidirectional and highly efficient room bulbs. Plenty welcoming, no break from the look of days gone by!

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