Driven Executive’s Nap Tie lets you catch a breather


driven-executive-tieI am quite sure that for us office drones out there, there are times when after a particularly heavy lunch, we would want nothing better than to grab some shuteye. Unfortunately, this does not work out great all the time, since some of our offices are less than conducive to sleep. Perhaps there is a better way to ensure you catch forty winks so that you can continue being productive on that soon-to-be-overdue report? Using the Ostrich Pillow might be a tad too obvious and far from practical, which is why the $19.95 Driven Executive’s Nap Tie makes perfect sense.

The Driven Executive’s Nap Tie happens to be a necktie that has a built-in inflatable pillow which will enable the fully-engaged executive to inconspicuously recharge with a power nap. It is ideal for the captain of industry who has plenty of things to manage without having any time at all to rest and reflect, making this tie all the more crucial as part of his wardrobe. After all, this unique tie requires but a few puffs of air on its hidden valve as well as a closed office door, or use it in a darkened conference room for a brief respite from all of the madness out there. Thanks to its silk and microfiber blend, there will be no tell-tale marks on one’s face and forehead after a brief rest.

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