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Star Trek Original Phaser Universal Remote Control welcomes all


Do you love all things Star Trek? If you have answered in the affirmative, then I am quite sure that you would have amassed a fair collection of Star Trek collectibles over the years. Perhaps you feel that there is still something that is missing in part of your collection, and this could very well be the £119.95 Star Trek Original Phaser Universal Remote Control. This is the ultimate Star Trek prop replica collectable that allows you to control various electronic items such as your TV, iPod and different kinds of gadgets with multiple gestures.

The Star Trek Original Phaser Universal Remote Control comes across as a painstakingly highly-detailed and accurate replica to the original, where it has been 3D scanned from the last remaining Phaser prop in existence. Apart from that, it has also been lovingly hand-polished die-cast metal parts with, and not only that, this is an officially licensed product by the CBS. In addition, during those advertisement breaks in your favorite TV series, you can always make use of your imagination in a stand off with the Borg by thinking you’re zapping them since this bad boy is capable of playing a wide range of original series Phaser and Star Trek sounds, but do bear in mind it is unable to be used to vaporize alien lifeforms – or your mother-in-law, for that matter.

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