The Misfit Beddit is a sleep tracker that you don’t have to wear


MIsfit Beddit

We see more and more activity trackers on the market, and many of them have the option to track how we sleep. While it is important to get proper nutrition and exercise in, sleep should be just as high of a priority. Of course, when you sleep you don’t want to have to wear a bracelet, but the information it can provide is always useful.

If you just can’t stand wearing a tracker, why not sleep on top of it? The Beddit is a sleep tracker that will give you detailed information about your sleep, and is hardly even noticeable. It’s paper-thin, and is placed directly on your mattress, underneath your sheets so it won’t bother you when you’re trying to settle in and relax. This will measure the quality of your sleep, the duration, sleep cycles, heart rate, respiration rate, and how much you snore.

If you’ve been having problems sleeping, this would be an excellent way to see what’s going on during the wee hours. There is an app for iOS users who have a iPhone 4, 5, 5c, 5s, and iPod Touch 5th gen. The Android version is on its way, but is not yet available. This will cost you around $150, and comes in white or black (not that color will really matter in this instance). It will help you learn more about how your body handles being unconscious, and that could potentially lead to helping you with your day-to-day life.

Available for purchase on misfitwearables, found via chipchick


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