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Diablo III The Sword of Justice Prop Replica lets you swing it like Tyrael


I am quite sure that those of us who happen to be avid gamers would also know of Diablo III. Perhaps we have invested the better part of our lives some time back in the past over the first two editions of the game, before throwing plenty of hours into Diablo III, hoping to kill the female-looking form of Diablo this time around. Evil, however, does not remain quenched for long, as there remains the essence of evil hanging around our realm in some form or another. Well, regardless of what comes your way, I am quite sure that Tyrael’s blade, one of the most powerful ever created of course, would make anyone feel a whole lot safer carrying it around with swagger. Called El’Druin, this $59.99 Diablo III The Sword of Justice Prop Replica has been specially built using in-game, digital files.

Not only that, to add to the overall effect, it even boasts of a pulsing blue LED that is located in the hilt itself, with the entire sword measuring more than three feet in length in total. This makes it one cool and essential tool to own if you are into cosplay. With some seemingly magical (although a whole lot more talented than anything else) hand-painting, it just looks like the real deal, albeit being far safer and lighter since it is made out of high-quality plastic. It’ll need a trio of LR44 batteries to power the LED light though.

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