The Genuine Italian Tomato Press gets the job done with aplomb


italian-tomato-pressSo, you love to spend the better part of your free time in the kitchen in order to whip up delicious meals? That works out great for some, and if you do have plenty of talent in that part of the home, then the rest of the household and their respective tummies will be pleased as punch, too. If Italian food is your cup of tea (it certainly looked like it for Luis Suarez!), then you would know that tomatoes do play a part in their recipes. This is where the $59.95 Genuine Italian Tomato Press comes in handy, this this particular tomato press peels, seeds, and strains fresh tomatoes, resulting in a smooth puree for homemade sauces.

It helps one capture the flavor of seasonal produce without the laborious process of manually blanching, skinning, and coring the fruit, allowing it to process up to three quarts of raw tomatoes at a time through a few simple turns of a crank. There will be an enclosed press and strainer that will help separate out the waste for neat cleanup, while the main chute itself extrudes the passata di pomodoro, where the silky flesh and juice that can be caught in a bowl or a pot for transformation into a marinara or bolognese. In order to make sure that the tomato press remains firmly in place, it relies on a suction cup to get the job done – all without marring countertop surfaces. Just remember to pair this up with a decent coffee maker for a meal that ends on a high note.

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