Dubstein helps bring beer and music together


dubsteinI do wonder whether the celebrations in Germany has ceased, especially after the country picked up the World Cup slightly more than 24 hours ago. Surely the carnival-like feeling in Brazil is far from over, although tourists there over the summer must be making their way back to their respective countries already. If there is one thing in life that will make it a whole lot more bearable, you can be sure that beer is the answer. Of course, other folks will not agree with this particular statement, and would prefer to mention that music is the answer. I say why not include both as part of the equation? This particular Kickstarter project called Dubstein certainly falls within such expectations.

Merging two of life’s greatest pastimes, which are music and drink, into a single, fun-loving product, the Dubstein is hailed to be the world’s first Bluetooth speaker with drink integration, thanks to the folks over at Dubgear from Canada. The Dubstein happens to be a BPA free, dishwasher safe beverage insert that will cater for your favorite drink of choice, and it does not matter whether it is hot, or cold, where the latter is how beer should be drunk. All that you need to do is to remove the drink insert, and the Dubstein is perfectly set up to hold a bottle or can.

This enables revelers to enjoy a drink as they rock out to their favorite tunes thanks to the integrated high-fidelity stereo speakers. It will hook up wirelessly over Bluetooth to your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet or computer, and not only that, you have the flexibility of receiving phone calls by the speakerphone itself. An easy to reach thumb control pad would also enable you to master this rocket ship of fun.

Hopefully the Dubstein will be able to meet its Kickstarter target in due time. Surely this beats any other Bluetooth speakers that you know of?

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