Mermaid Swim Fins adds more poolside fun this summer

mermaid-swim-finsWhat you see with the $29.99 Mermaid Swim Fins is very different from the prosthetic mermaid device from the folks over at Weta Workshop, since the Mermaid Swim Fins happen to cater to your little ones who would want nothing more than a memorable experience by the pool this summer with their family and friends. It does make me wonder, however, which human would like to be a mermaid, after all the tragedy that we have read and seen befall them in fictional settings? Some get trapped and killed, others are tortured to elicit a single drop of tear in order to find the Fountain of Youth, the list goes on. Only a small percentage of mermaids found happiness, and even then, those end up being human.

Ah well, I do suppose this fascination with mermaids is all part of the imagination and growing up, since we too, would like to see a noble creature such as a unicorn come trotting down the road one day, don’t we? The Mermaid Swim Fins sports foot pockets that are accompanied by a neoprene quick release strap, where this adjustable velcro strap makes it safe and fun to use. Needless to say, this should be used only with adult supervision.