Land ahoy! It’s the Seafarer’s Binoculars

seafarers-binocularsDon’t you just love the way technology has progressed to such an extent where it is possible to enjoy unprecedented levels of achievements compared to our forefathers? Take traveling on the seven seas for instance – there is so much technology available on board the modern yacht that a skeleton crew of today would be deemed to be impossible a few hundred years ago. All seafarers ought to own a pair of binoculars, this is a given, but why stop at the ordinary when you have the $799.95 Seafarer’s Binoculars?

The Seafarer’s Binoculars happen to be compact binoculars which boast of built-in navigational and meteorological tools that are crucial to the boating experience. It has an integrated digital compass that shows off your heading, a tilt display which measures the height of distant objects, and a barometer and a thermometer that will be able to track both the current conditions and readings over time. Users have the choice of toggling between instruments with the touch of a button, while results are displayed within the field of view, so that sailors can simultaneously track their course and enjoy the scenery. With 7X magnification, this pair of binoculars offer a bright, clear image of distant sealife and land, even under dim conditions. Specially designed to withstand the salt, spray, and dampness on deck, the binoculars have a 50mm objective lens, are encased in non-slip rubber, filled with nitrogen to resist fogging, and have individual focusing controls to resist moisture. In case of an accidental toss overboard, they also are buoyant and waterproof at more than 16′. Simply lovely! Sure beats any simple iPhone binoculars attachment!

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  1. Is clearly a nice tool, But men the way you present it wrong clearly you are getting pay for that poem.
    there are many equipment than do the same job and a real boater know that

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