The WOW! Computer – a Simple PC just for Grandma


july_wowcomputer_21089_600px_lg You know how it is., If you go ahead and get your parents a computer, you will either be involved in lifetime tech support, walking them through every single step of sending an email… forever. Conversely, the thing will sit there, only to be used when you happen to be there for a visit, at which time you will teach her to turn it on…AGAIN. You know your folks would love being able to be “online” Why does it have to be so hard?

Well, check out the WOW! Computer, made especially for seniors. The Wow! Computer is a tower-less system, that is easy to use, with a cool touch screen design. The setup is simple, just plug it into the power, click in the internet cord and voila, you’re online. Yes, there are built in games, email, video chat, calendars, and the system even includes Text-to-Voice that can read your emails out loud. The WOW! Computer’s email is incredibly user friendly, including its extra large print and step by step instructions. The WOW!’s  innovative screen also gives granny one touch access to some of the net’s most popular websites, and an easy way to surf the rest of the worldwide web.  The system consists of an Intel 847 Celeron Dual Core Processor, a 22 inch high definition monitor, a 500 GB hard drive, an optical drive with a tray in DVD player, speakers, a webcam with a microphone, and a 6 in one memory card reader, as well as 4 USB slots. So if you know someone who would love to enter the age of technology, but never quite knew how you were going to get them there, the WOW! Computer might be just what you’re looking for. Head on over to for a whole lot more information, or to order one for around 1100 bucks.

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