The OwnPhones are customized wireless earbuds that will only fit you


In an effort to make something that will fit a large range of people, products are often put out in a few different sizes that don’t fully fit anyone. That’s why things like clothing are always going to sag or pull just the slightest bit somewhere when you purchase it off the rack. The same goes for ear buds, as the setup of your ear can be as unique as a fingerprint. We all have found a set that fits ok, but either starts to hurt after a while or falls out every few steps.

If you like how small earbuds are, but don’t think you’ll ever be able to find a pair that won’t drive you crazy, then you’re going to love the OwnPhones. These are personalized, 3D-printed wireless earbuds that will be made to fit your ear perfectly. Those interested in dropping anywhere from $299-449 will have to take a short video of their ears and send it to the company through their mobile app. From there, you can choose which kind of material and color you would like your personalized set to be.

These are said to let you choose how much exterior sound you hear, from nothing but your tunes to almost a hum with lots of background noises. There will be an indicator light on the sides which will illuminate green, yellow, and red to indicate to anyone around you if you are available, busy, or unapproachable for the time being. While this project is just about to become a Kickstarter, it seems like a decent idea if executed correctly.

More information on OwnPhones, found via CNet


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