JunoPower expands new Konnect Series of portable batteries

junopowerJunoPower, a pioneer when it comes to the world of portable power, has just added a few more members to their family of mobile charging accessories. Basically, the Konnect Series will do away with traditional generic lithium for original Samsung lithium ion cells in order to make up its 9,000mAh to 12,000mAh power packs. In other words, this would mean that the Konnect series happen to be thinner, lighter and obviously, be of higher quality compared to the standard issue portable battery. It does not matter if we are talking about a smartphone or camera, or other kinds of devices that run on battery power – the new Konnect series ought to be able to get the job done as and when required.

For instance, the extremely powerful Konnect Kolor happens to be a brightly colored and yet extremely tiny external battery which is capable of delivering a whopping 12,000 milliamps of energy at any one time, which is more than enough juice in delivering few more hours of extended usage. It is a staunch proponent of the proverb, “two is better than one”, since the power bank boasts of a couple of USB outlets that are able to juice up multiple devices simultaneously. In addition, the smart accessory’s LCD display will also be able to inform you on just how much juice the battery pack has left.

As with some of the other battery packs out there, it also comes with a secondary feature – that is, to function as a flashlight whenever you experience a blackout, or simply need an emergency flashlight to look for something under the car. With the Konnect Kolor’s built in LED flashlight, ending up with a dead phone in the dark will be a thing of the past.

The Konnect series will range from $44.99 to $79.99, depending on which particular model you are gunning for. Any takers? It surely can hold its own against other portable backup batteries that are in the market.

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  1. I would be willing to get a couple of thee and try them with my business get a few customers to buy them and see how they work wants to buy me one and donate one for the purpose of demonstration I be happy

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