The Cash Cannon – flaunt it if you got it

The Cash Cannon

Whenever it’s about to storm we want to stay inside, as to not be pelted with whatever the sky is sending our way. However, what would your reaction be if the heavens were raining down hundreds of dollars in cash? Let’s be real here, that’s not actually going to happen, but if you have the money you can make it so.

While you might think the Cash Cannon is meant for parties that have far more debauchery in them, you’d be surprised at the amount of practical uses you could find for this (no, really). For example, playing Monopoly with friends and letting them know that you are comfortable enough in flaunting your impending victory that you don’t mind shooting your hard-earned dollars into the air. Of course, you may find yourself with an apparent loss of companions after that game comes to an end.

This cannon is made of ABS plastic, and can shoot any US dollar bill or item that is similar in structure. Of course, Cash Cannon is printed in scrolling script on the side of this novel weapon, to make sure you know what sort of power you wield when holding this device. You’ll be looking at paying $59.99 for this weapon of flagrant display, and it only comes in red. Why you would pay money to shoot money is beyond me, but maybe I don’t have enough of it to understand the premise.

Available for purchase on thecashcannon, found via thisiswhyimbroke (go figures)