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The Pocket Watch Flip Cell Phone is far fancier than a smartphone

Pocket Watch Phone

In this day and age, having a smartphone seems like a normal occurrence. Flip phones are deemed out of date, but that’s only because there is a new and improved version of a smartphone coming out every other month. Our standard for a phone is high enough to begin with, but just when we think we have the pinnacle of cellular phone innovation, something new surfaces.


There’s always competition for being the slimmest, fastest, and most well-connected phone, but what about being the most dapper? Everywhere we look things are wanting us to be modern and up-to-date, but that’s not going to work for everyone. Some of us like to look back in time for fashion, including the reign of the pocket watch. Maybe that’s why steampunk exists? For those of you who find outdated and weird to be your preferred style, then the Pocket Watch Flip Phone might tickle your fancy.

This is a gold colored pocket watch that opens to a number pad and 1.8 display. It sports a 1.3MP camera, and has MP3 capabilities. It does have Bluetooth, memory card slots, and and comes on a chain. Seeing that it’s only $85, I would throw my money at the screen if I didn’t still need to check my mail all the time. Is this the sort of thing that Tuxedo Mask would use for a magical transformation in Sailor Moon, because I feel like it definitely would be.

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pocket Watch Flip Phone

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