Flat Pack Cardboard Foosball Table should take moments to set up

flat-pack-foosballI am quite confident that the aberration of a football match that happened yesterday between Brazil and Germany will not repeat itself later today, where Argentina faces the Netherlands. Most probably, this particular match will be more cautious in nature, where individual skill and talent might prove to be the crucial decider between both teams. When you are done talking about tactics and formations, perhaps it is time to let some steam off with the £79.99 Flat Pack Cardboard Foosball Table?

Taking its cue from flat pack masters IKEA, the Flat Pack Cardboard Foosball Table will definitely be a fun purchase, especially when your favorite football team is no longer in the World Cup. It comprises of a sturdy, regulation-sized table when fully set up, and best of all is, it is made up of sustainable raw materials – every single square inch of it. Even better news is, you will be able to assemble this bad boy in a jiffy without the need for any kind of glue, screws or tools, now how about that? Since it folds down flat, it is fully portable, and will even cater for beer lovers thanks to the inclusion of beer holders and a passive amplifier for your smartphone. Alternatively, there are other themed foosball table options that you might want to check out.