Babbling Brook Candle provides light and soothes the mood


bbbling-brook-candleHaving a pleasant and warm night light by the side of your bed is definitely something that most folks would be able to appreciate, but what if the idea of a soothing night light were to be expanded so that it will include the calming sounds of a babbling fountain? This is exactly what the $69.95 Babbling Brook Candle is all about – being an actual candle that is made out of wax, and yet it will merge flameless illumination with the calming sounds of a bubbling fountain. There is no wick or flame to worry about here, as the LED that is located within the candle will be able to illuminate the 1″-high water spout, resulting in the impression of a flame, all the while lighting up the candle’s 100% paraffin wax exterior.

Whenever you fill up the candle’s fountain reservoir with distilled water to its maximum 22 oz. capacity, it will result in a soothing ambient sound of a meandering stream, but if you decide to fill it to the 16 oz. minimum, it ends up generating the pleasant gurgling of a babbling brook instead. Having this option is a cool idea to say the least, and it works in two modes – light only, or to have it light up the room alongside the fountain. Thanks to its built-in timer, it will be able to turn the candle on for five hours each day, all at the same time. A trio of D batteries would power this bad boy for up to 480 hours of candle use or up to 120 hours of candle/fountain use, although one can also plug it into an AC power outlet. While it has less audio options than the Tranquil Moments Bedside Speaker & Sleep Sounds, at least it provides ambient lighting.

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