The Aether Cone – Mind Reading Speaker?


Nothing changes a mood like music. The soundtrack you decide upon most often sets the tone for the entire party, a romantic evening, an afternoon luncheon, or a late night drinking session. Do you like to relax with some easy listening, and then get down to business with some heavy metal, or perhaps a few country tunes are more to your liking?

Well, the Aether Cone can not only figure out what music you like, but what kind of music you enjoy at different times, or even in different rooms. This interesting ability is carried out via the device’s built-in firmware in tandem with the company’s algorithms located somewhere in the cloud. Hmmm? Okay. The cone is designed to think and respond appropriately to you, and to continuously enhance the moment, and to make your environment more pleasing, wherever it is you happen to be.

To listen, you simply turn on your Aether Cone and turn the faceplate, if you like what you hear, just let it play. You can even give your Cone special requests, skip songs, pause them, or play them again. You must actively participate in liking and disliking songs, in order for it to determine your preferences, and of course the best musical selection will come at a price (around 10 bucks a month) although some services are free. Evidently, the speaker delivers a nice crisp sound, and the unusually designed Cone is sure to enhance any room in your house.

Designed by folks that used to work for Google, Apple and Nokia, the Cone weighs in at just under 3 pounds, comes in black/copper or white/white, with an eight-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so you can take it almost anywhere ( you need WiFi). Learn more, or reserve one from for around 400 bucks. For that price, I’d like to see it be able to download a playlist for true portability, but I can see one on my bookshelf all the same…

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