Uiee portable charger does its job in style

uiee-cgJust about everyone owns at least a smartphone these days, and more often than not, it would be that particular smartphone that will be accompanied by a slew of other devices, ranging from tablets to perhaps a GPS navigation device if you are one who loves to hit the road frequently. Having said that, it can be quite a hassle to remember the many different chargers that you need to bring along with you on your travels, although it is a good thing that many of these mobile devices do come with a similar charging point today. Having said that, a portable charger does have its advantages, so why not use one that is not only practical, but worth looking at? Enter the Uiee, a trendy, wearable, pocket-sized portable charger that has been touted to be the ideal solution to recharging your smartphone regardless of where you are.

No doubt this will be a whole lot different from the other portable chargers that we have seen in the past, as the Uiee takes on an extremely sexy, sleek, and incredibly powerful form factor. In fact, the Uiee will boast of an 800mah li-ion rechargeable battery that is guaranteed to ensure your device receives at the bare minimum, another 3 more hours of work or play.

It does not matter if you need to be constantly on the runabout, since the Uiee has been specially designed to fit in your pocket, and under other circumstances, it can also be worn on your belt or bag so that you will be able to enjoy quick access to the retractable cables that will do the job of ferrying electricity over to your power hungry devices while you’re on the move. Measuring 55mm x 12mm, you can choose from three flashy colors, where it will arrive in either U.S. or E.U. versions in order to accommodate different users.

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