Magellan’s Card Size LED Travel Light makes night reading a snap

magellan-card-lightI know, I know – paperback novels are so passe in this generation, especially with the advent of tablets that have also seen an explosion of e-books sweep across the entire industry. In fact, it does look as though the print industry is about to ride off into the sunset. However, there is just something about print media that makes it simply irresistable to read, including the feeling of the paper in between your fingers, not to mention the rustle of the pages as you flip them. Unfortunately, adequate lighting is required to take full advantage of your book at night, and this $20 Magellan’s Card Size LED Travel Light might just fit the bill perfectly.

This folding LED travel light might be small in stature, but do not be fooled at all by its capability as it claims to pack plenty of power. It is also nice to know that the slim LED light is USB chargeable, making it ideal to bring with you wherever you go since most of us, if not all, do have some sort of USB charger lying around somewhere. Having the size of a credit card, you can stash away the Magellan’s Card Size LED Travel Light in your pocket, purse or carry-on bag, using it like a boss as and when required. Of course, those who love options might want to consider the Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses instead.