Laser Illuminating Binoculars help you stay on target


laser-binocularsInstead of mucking around with the less -than-impressive iPhone binoculars, why not man up and go the whole nine yards with the $199.95 Laser Illuminating Binoculars? Yes, this pair of bad boys will actually boast of the ability to illuminate subjects that are in the dark which also happen to be more than 150 yards away using a diffused, wide-angle laser. This particular 532nm green laser is capable of generating an ever-widening cone of light which will let you spot subjects in complete darkness, at distances of up to 30′ away. Hopefully it will not prove to be the instrument that delivers a heart attack when you are on the trail of something supernatural.

The Laser Illuminating Binoculars delivers a 24″-diameter spot while at 164′ away, and it can also highlight subjects with a 13′-diameter spot. It is not only useful at night or when dusk falls, since it is also worth being in action during the daytime. The binoculars’ sport a pair of 32mm objective lenses that are capable of producing a 294′ field of view at 1,000 yards, featuring multi-coated lenses and a roof prism system that delivers 8X magnification and sharp contrast regardless of the distance. It will also feature water-resistant, rubberized exterior that protects against heavy dust, fog, and moisture, just make sure you bring a pair of AAA batteries along with you as spares.

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