Wireless “Gummy” Lights adds a sweet touch to any room


wireless-gummy-lightI remember growing up loving Haribo’s Gummy Bears candy – I simply could not get enough of those. There is nothing more appealing to a young child than colorful candy, this is for sure. Of course, it would also go a long way if the candy was delicious, and Gummy Bears certainly live up to their reputation. Well, if you know that your little one has also inherited your taste buds for this kind of candy, you might be able to go one step further to cheer up the little tyke with the $27.99 Wireless “Gummy” Lights.

Using the Wireless “Gummy” Lights is as easy as squeezing their gummy bellies in order to turn it on and turn it off. It is a pity this is one particularly cute light that you are unable to bite a chunk out of. Powering the long lasting, energy-saving LED bulbs would be a pair of AA batteries, and I would highly recommend that you make use of rechargeable batteries if the Wireless “Gummy” Lights are going to be a frequently used fixture in your home or room, and is a refreshing change from those Star Wars alternatives. It will save you loads in the long run over the years, that is for sure. Apart from that, you can set one hour and infinite timers for the Wireless “Gummy” Lights to make it a perfect nightlight. It stands at 7” in height, and best of all is, it will not be able to attract any kind of ants or pesky insects who are out roaming for a lip smacking good time.

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