The Bin 8 Multipurpose Kitchen Tool Kit – Organization in a Bottle



Do most of us have a drawer (or two) in out kitchens that are full of kitchen gadgets and gizmos? Is that drawer usually a huge mess that we find ourselves having to paw through every time we need something like the cheese grater, and at the same time promising, under our breath, that tomorrow we’re going to get organized? I mean, I’d like to think that it’s not just me!

Well, tomorrow has come. In the form of a wine bottle, the Bin 8 multipurpose Kitchen Tool Kit solves your organization problems with a nifty, space saving, stacking kitchen kit, that makes storing your cooking equipment fun, and super convenient. Almost all you’ll ever need can now be put away in a cute and functional container, no more digging through the drawer, coming up with everything but the one thing that you really wanted.

The Multipurpose Kitchen Tool Kit is perfect for a small apartment, RV, dorm room, or just about anywhere you’d like to maximize drawer, or counter space. It includes 9 different tools, with each of the tools being color-coded and labeled. Your new Kitchen Kit Includes: Flower Vase, Funnel, a Lemon Squeezer, Spice Grater, Egg Masher, Cheese Grater, Cap Opener, Egg Separator and a and a 1 1/4 Measuring Cup.

So if you’d like to reduce your kitchen clutter, you can get started quickly, easily, and pretty inexpensively with a Bin 8 Mulitpupose Kitchen Tool Kit from for under 15 bucks. Made from food-grade plastic, please hand wash only.

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