Auto-Inflating Travel uPillow makes for a comfortable journey


upillowSeasoned road warriors will be able to tell you that it is of utmost importance to make sure that one is well rested before arriving at a destination, especially when you have a meeting to attend to on that very same day, regardless of the number of time zones that you have crossed. Having said that, owning the right kind of tools would be extremely helpful, and if you do not have the luxury of traveling in Business or First Class, whether on a train or in a flight, then you would do yourself a huge favor with the $49.99 Auto-Inflating Travel uPillow.

The Auto-Inflating Travel uPillow is a self-inflating pillow that can be packed flat when it is not in use, making it ideal as a traveling companion, especially if you are always tight when it comes to luggage space. Not only that, to help you arrive at your destination in the best shape possible, it sports memory foam for additional comfort, delivering custom support along the way. The U-pillow design will be able to hold your head in just the right manner so that you can have perfect naps – whether you are traveling, or while you are waiting for your plane at the airport. A simple twist of the intake valve will trigger the self-inflating mechanism, and to deflate it, just twist the valve and squeeze all the air out.

Should your neck or head require additional and more firm support, the solution is pretty simple – make sure that more air goes in when you inflate it. For those whose heads are unable to go down well with some firm support, and you would prefer to go to dreamland with something soft, all you have to do is to squeeze a wee bit of air out, and you are good to go. It is the sheer flexibility of the Auto-Inflating Travel uPillow that puts other travel pillows to shame.

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