Satechi RideMate Headlight and Taillight targets active cyclists


Satechi-RideMate-HeadlightIf you are an avid cyclist, then you ought to know that safety is of paramount importance, so getting the right equipment is crucial in order to help you remain visible to the others who are sharing the road with you. While there are different kinds of headlights and taillights for your two wheeler, including a Theft Resistant Bicycle Light, here is the $59.99 Satechi RideMate Headlight and $29.95 Taillight that offers yet another option for those who want to remain visible even at night or when dusk falls.

Touted to be the ideal riding companions for bicyclists, the Satechi RideMate Headlight and Taillight will be able to illuminate the road for cyclists as well as ensure they remain safe by alerting motorists of their presence. Boasting of weather-resistant, plug and play lights that are easily removable, they do not damage the bicycles’ handlebars, so fret not about leaving some scratches on your shiny new ride.

Apart from that, the 500 lumen Satechi RideMate Headlight will also be able to double up as a USB charger as well as a flashlight when it is not mounted on the bicycle. It will feature 2,500mAh of power, allowing the RideMate Headlight to charge smartphones and other USB devices so that cyclists’ will be able to keep music, navigation, and fitness tracking apps working fine and dandy, as your smartphone remains charged in the event of any emergency. The bright LED lights will also help increase your visibility while you cycle as it features a trio of brightness modes, in addition to a flash mode that draws attention to the cyclist in case of an emergency as well as side illumination ports to add extra peripheral visibility.

As for the Satechi RideMate Taillight, it feature a USB rechargeable red light which can be viewed by vehicles from behind, to make sure that you as a cyclist will remain safe from approaching cars. The light can switch from high to dim thanks to a single push of a button, and is visible even in the sunlight.

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