Pyle Aqua SunBlast Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker gets the job done even when wet

pyle-sunblastPyle Audio, the company behind their latest speaker release which is known as the Aqua SunBlast Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, intends to make this summer a whole lot more fun. After all, the summer is all about soaking up the sun, in addition to spending time by the seaside, or perhaps by the pool if you do not have the time to make a drive down to the nearest beach, listening to good music, downing your favorite ice cold beverages, and perhaps even go people watching. Having said that, if you are going to attend a long list of pool parties later this year before summer calls it quits, perhaps it would be prudent to share your preferred tunes with the masses to show how eclectic your choice of music is, and what better way to do so than with the $99.99 Aqua SunBlast Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

The Aqua SunBlast Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker has been specially designed to be of marine grade construction, where this particular waterproof will be able to float around, roaming freely about the pool without having you worry that the music that is playing back on this bad boy will not stop, and neither will it sink to sleep with the proverbial fishes.

The Aqua SunBlast will also boast of yet another ability – to stream music wirelessly from a range of up to 32 feet away thanks to Bluetooth connectivity thrown into the mix. This means any other mobile device such as smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth support built right in would do the trick, and in this case, you might as well go the whole nine yards by using it in tandem with a waterproof smartphone, ala Samsung Galaxy S5. In addition the Aqua SunBlast also boasts of an integrated solar panel and rechargeable design, letting the speaker soak up the sun’s rays to keep it going all day long. When fully charged, it can offer up to a quartet of hours of playing time.

If you do not have a Bluetooth device to “send” music over wirelessly, fret not, there is a built-in microSD memory card reader to store your favorite tracks, in addition to an integrated FM radio that plays tunes from your favorite station. Expect your ears to enjoy 360 degree sound thanks to its quartet of built-in full range stereo speakers.

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