Photo To iPad Scanning Dock adds yet another role to your Apple tablet


photo-to-ipad-scannerSo, have you finished counting the different number of ways where you will be able to take full advantage of your iPad? It has functioned as your portable notebook before, in a way when you connect it to a Bluetooth enabled keyboard, as well as been your e-book reader, trusty back up camera for those impromptu moments when the memory is of utmost importance compared to the photo quality, free calls thanks to FaceTime, but how about using it as a scanner, or rather, a repository for scanned photos? The $169.95 Photo To iPad Scanning Dock does just that exactly, being a scanner that saves treasured photos directly to an iPad as the Apple tablet docks and charges itself.

You will be able to control the Photo To iPad Scanning Dock using a free app, where this sheet-fed scanner makes it a snap to preserve and share heirloom photos and documents in the form of digital files. It takes as little as 12 seconds for a photo to be converted to a crisp 300- or 600-dpi color JPEG image, which will then be shown off on screen in real time, and is also saved straight to the iPad’s camera roll. As for this integrated dock, it holds the iPad upright and sports a built-in Lightning connector which will recharge its battery in a matter of 5 hours. The Photo To iPad Scanning Dock is capable of scanning sheets up to 8 1/2″ x 14″, where it plugs into AC with your iPad’s USB power adapter. Of course, this works with the iPad 4, iPad mini, and iPhone 5/s/c that run on iOS 6.0 or later.

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