Pelty wants to surround you with music and warmth


There’s nothing quite like sitting around a campfire with friends while someone plays the guitar and sings. Flames and music seem to go together hand-in-hand, as it can set a mood for just about any occasion. These two things have always been separate, but better when seen and heard in tandem. What if you could take them and make them work off of each other?

The Pelty is a speaker that will use the thermal energy from the heat of a candle and turn it into electric energy. That’s right, your music will literally be fire-powered. Made of Italian ceramic and glass, it may merely look like a fancy candle holder, but has Bluetooth capabilities and a decent speaker to make a good night magical. Candles burn for about 5 hours, so your speaker will keep playing for days so long as you have backup candles lying around.

Not only would you be chipping away at your electricity bill by not having to charge or plug in a speaker system (you’ll still have to charge your phone mind you), but this would also be perfect for adding heat to your home in the winter. The glass casing around the candle means you can bring your speaker just about anywhere without the fear that a breeze outside will snuff it out, or something at home will catch and spread the flames. This will be an expensive purchase, upwards of $269 should you be interested.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo