Finnish Grill House brings some Scandinavian love to your backyard


finnish-grill-houseScandinavian countries do evoke a sense of wonder and awe, and they tend to rank pretty high on global index rankings when it comes to quality of life as well as the best place to live in. For those who pine after (pun not intended) something from Finland (and I do not mean Nokia handsets), then the $25,000 Finnish Grill House might be just the thing to spruce up your home this summer. It will be constructed from Finnish pine, where it replicates the all-season backyard cooking huts that are dotted all throughout Scandinavia.

Being a traditional six-sided “grillikota”, it holds a central charcoal grill that is surrounded by dining space that is enough for up to ten adults, although I am not sure how many obese folks will it be able to fit. Grillmasters have the ability to prepare food on a large central grate, where it can be swiveled and raised or lowered, while there is also a smaller side grate which is ideal for a coffee pot or kettle. As for its cooking area, it remains surrounded by folding tables that delivers convenience when it comes to serving and eating, with a hood and double flue making sure that all smoke will be expelled safely through the chimney. Strips of LEDs will ensure adequate lighting at night or when dusk falls.

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