The iSwimband will alert you if your child is drowning



Kids will be kids, as they say. That includes breaking things, going against direct orders, and testing their physical limits almost every minute of every day. As adults, we’re far more aware of how our bodies function, and know if we’re going in too deep with exercising or working too hard. For kids at a pool, they often get a little too caught up in make-believe, which can lead to life or death situations.

If you have a little one who just can’t help but be an adventurer, then you would likely appreciate the iSwimband. This is a sensor placed on a wrist or head band that will time how long it has been underwater on its wearer, and will alert your phone should it reach a dangerous amount of time. Of course, this is also useful for pets and smaller children who shouldn’t be in the water at all. Being a parent means providing constant supervision, but there are small moments where you lose track. When it comes to being underwater, you only have so long before you have things could be very bad.

This is a nice added security for lounging parents on who might have accidentally dozed off under the summer sun, or just want an extra precaution in place. You can wear this with goggles and swimcaps, and you’ll be able to monitor up to 8 iSwimbands at once on an iOS device with 100 feet of range. Putting down $99 will get you a headband, wristband, and a sensor that can be placed in your pocket. The only alarming piece of information not given is how you would charge this device.

Available for purchase on iswimbands

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