The Cooling Car Seat – May Save your Butt



We’ve all been there. Running out to the store, wearing our shorts and a cool top, doing our best to beat the heat. We grab our groceries and load up the trunk, and jump into the drivers seat… and YIKES! The back of your legs get singed on the sun-baked car seat. Don’t you hate that?

If you do, check out the new Cooling Car Seat from Sharper Image. This nifty, air circulating seat cushion provides comforting air flow for your sweaty back, legs and thighs, the cushion helps you perspire less, helps to absorb some of your excess body heat, and best of all, stops you from frying the back of your legs on the sizzling leather seat!

The Cooling Car Seat has 18 ventilation holes (with adjustable airflow control) that breathe a sigh of relief onto your undercarriage, and it’s fold flat design allows it to fit in almost all vehicles. The Cooling Car Seat plugs easily into your car’s cigarette lighter, and could be in your car by this time next week. Get one at for under 60 bucks. Ahhh!


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