The PocketScan is a multi-functional scanner that can take on big challenges



When we think of a scanner, we think of the large piece of equipment in our office that brings one bar of light across whatever we put under the lid. Of course, when we need to scan things on the go, we just take a picture and hope that we can zoom in far enough to see pertinent information. What if you had a scanner that would not only save the information in the size you needed, but could also fit in your bag?

The PocketScan by Dacuda is a portable scanner that will let you do far more than copy an image. This uses real-time image processing software, so you can not only get the whole picture, text, or graph, but you’ll be able to go into that content and edit it. This means you can copy a recipe, bring it into Word, and add a few secret ingredients. The same goes for taking a graph or chart from a textbook and updating or changing the information. Seeing that this has the ability to process foreign languages, you can scan menus, books, and more, and it will translate it onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Unlike old scanners, you won’t be stuck on a maximum size, as this can cover any size item. This is certainly going to be better than snapping a photo, as taking them on your phone will often warp or dull the color of whatever you’re trying to preserve. Getting one of these will cost $99, and is sure to be useful for professionals who often find themselves on the road, or those who like to remember snippets of the world around them.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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