LP To MP3 Turntable rolls back the years with a modern twist

lp-to-mp3There comes a time when the old must go, and the new must come. However, there are moments when the best of both worlds can be bridged, and so this is applied to the $139.95 LP To MP3 Turntable. The LP To MP3 Turntable happens to be a turntable that sports a pair of integrated speakers which is capable of converting a classic vinyl record’s songs into the much used MP3 format in this day and age. You will hook up the turntable into a computer using the included USB cable, where the accompanying software will play nice with the likes of Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, or a Mac, helping you get started right from the get go.

The LP To MP3 Turntable will automatically separate 33 1/3-, 45-, and 78-rpm record tracks into individual MP3s, and at any moment during the recording process, you will be able to pause to select only certain songs that you like, before turning the album over, and changing albums so that you can perform a compilation recording. The turntable‚Äôs platter will make use of a proprietary suspension system which will do away with feedback while listening to records thanks to the pair of built-in 1-watt full-range speakers. Being able to deliver MP3 conversion from a range of external media types, its 1/8″ auxiliary input is also capable of connecting to a cassette player or even a classic 8-track player, now how about that?