FlameStower Mobile Device Charger uses fire and water to charge devices

flamestowerThe modern day road warrior would certainly find it a challenge to keep track of the multiple devices that he or she has to carry around, and even more so if one is a well seasoned traveler. However, this does not mean that there is no outside help available – on the contrary, those who tend to find themselves in situations where a power outlet is never readily available, and yet would want to benefit from the presence of their mobile devices would find the $89.99 FlameStower Mobile Device Charger worth a closer look.

The FlameStower Mobile Device Charger will be able to juice up power hungry smartphones as well as tablets using both fire and water, now how about that? These two elements should not be in short supply if you happen to be out on a camping trip, since I am quite sure that many would have made the necessary arrangements for both to be available in abundance as and when required. All that you need to do is place one end into a flame, and plug your device into the other and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can also opt to pour in water to generate electricity for your device. Lightweight and portable, this is the ideal tool for camping dads, and is literally the hottest new way to juice up your smartphone.