Watermelon Tap Kit – Perfect for Your Summer Libations!



It’s Here! Summer has finally arrived, with all the warmth and splendor that comes with it. The kids are out of school, we get to sleep late, and spend long and lazy days out by the pool, lake or beach, picnicking and barbecuing. So I spent some time looking for the perfect summer gadget that would add that certain something to our next outdoor event, and I think I have it.

Check out the Watermelon Tap Kit, taking your average everyday watermelon, and turning it into the perfect summer drink dispenser.  Imagine the fun when you show up to your next summer shin-dig, or tailgate party with your fun, and functional, watermelon keg. Simply hollow out the perfect watermelon, install the tap, and voila! your watermelon is the center of attention.

So fill your watermelon with a fantastic summer cocktail, or fruit juice for the kids. What about some fruity wine, or a sangria? And the fun doesn’t have to stop there, the Watermelon Tap Kit will work on a hollowed out pumpkin too! So break out the cider, or spiced wine! The Watermelon Tap Kit comes with a chrome faucet knob with brass lever, and some recipes and tapping instructions are included.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to amazon.com and grab a Tap Kit for around 33 bucks. Believe me, your friends will thank you.


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