Custom Retractable Windshield Shades helps your ride remain cool


custom-retractable-screenHaving a ride on four wheels is one thing, but keeping it in pristine condition, not to mention fine working order, is another. I am quite sure that many of us would love to ensure that our vehicle is in tip top condition all the time, which would translate to servicing it at the appropriate intervals, not to mention sending it to the car wash from time to time. Another way to prolong the life of your ride is choosing where you park it, very carefully at that. Keeping it shaded away from the harsh glare and heat of the sun would definitely help, but during times when you are unable to avoid the sun, there is the $44.95 Custom Retractable Windshield Shades that helps keep the interior cooler than if it were to be fully exposed.

After all, getting into a sun-baked car is never a nice feeling, even more so when your steering wheel is so hot, you find it difficult to drive in the first few minutes until things cool down. Not only that, the Custom Retractable Windshield Shades ensures that it does away with the need to handle unwieldy, misshapen cardboard or pop-up screens, as this one-piece shade mounts directly to a windshield in a matter of minutes thanks to adhesive pads. Dual stainless steel tension springs would then let one pull the shade across the windshield, taking just a single smooth motion to get the job done. It is said to block up to 90% of sunlight, reducing the interior temperature of a vehicle by up to 60º F and helping to prevent fading and cracking of its upholstery and dashboard. For winter, there are other kinds of windshield accessories to choose from.

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